80Degreez – ‘Hip-Hop Made Me Do It’

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Over the last few years, hip-hop has become one of the most innovative and quickly evolving genres, with new artists breaking into the spotlight and bringing with them a new wave of styles that have never been heard before. One such visionary is 80Degreez, a multi-talented rapper and producer who stands tall as a leader in the new age of hip-hop. Born and raised in Georgia, 80Degreez makes music that “is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, comfort and spread love and joy to all those that hear it”, and over the last few years, he’s stopped at nothing to make that mission and reality.

Inspired by a vast array of genres such as rock, jazz, gospel, and pop, 80Degreez’s sound is unlike anything you would have heard so far, combining a maelstrom of elements into one expressive hip-hop style. While early singles like ‘Hold My Hand’ and ‘Love So Good’ provided sharp glimpses into 80Degreez’s sound, it’s his new album that really proves just how good he is.

Arguably the most comprehensive example of his style to date, ‘80Degreez Presents: Hip-Hop Made Me Do It’ is his magnum opus, bringing together twelve fiercely original tracks. Built on the success of his previous singles, the album sees 80Degreez delivering his signature sound, one that is innovative, enjoyable, and easy-going, but also authentic and grounded in tough realities. Alongside past singles like ‘Good Girls and Bad Boys’, there is a string of impressive highlights that will keep you captivated, including his most effecting track to date, ‘Faded’, which has become one of the biggest additions to our annual Spotify playlist.

An album that pushes boundaries and reshapes the future of hip-hop, ‘80Degreez Presents: Hip-Hop Made Me Do It’ is as unique as it is expressive, ensuring that every facet of the artist’s creative world is fully realised. A powerful illustration of 80Degreez’s versatility and prowess, the album is an impressive first chapter in what is sure to be an enduring legacy.

In 80Degreez’s own words, “hip-hop has needed a new message, new ideas and a new way of thinking for a long time”, and with the release of the new album, it’s clear that 80Degreez is that new way. You can stream the full album above and don’t forget to lend your support by following 80Degreez on his social media pages below.

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