Alive Like A Suicide – ‘Up On the Punkside’

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A homegrown pop-punk band who have been laying siege to Western Sydney’s independent scene, Alive Lika A Suicide is the brash, unrelenting project from vocalist and guitarist Mikki Stixx, lead guitarist Jake Harris, and bassist Ben Zammit. After first making their mark with the release of debut single, ‘Skeleton Bedsheets’, the band have been turning heads and winning over fans and critics alike, and now, with the emergence of their second hard-hitting single, they’re well on their way to becoming one of the local scene’s biggest names.

Described by the band as their take at “writing a pop-oriented track with our heavier elements”, ‘Up On the Punkside’ is a visceral, fun-loving piece that carves through the mainstream with a sharp ear for pop-punk anthemics and plenty of unrelenting energy.

From humble beginnings being recorded in a shed, the new single has recently gone on to receive radio airplay in Atlanta, and it shows no sign of stopping there. With over 1,000 streams on Spotify since its release and scorching sound that lingers long after the track has ended, ‘Up On the Punkside’ breaks barriers and moves mountains, creating a defiant call to arms that every punk fan needs to tune into.

Available now on Spotify and Soundcloud, the new single showcases Alive Like A Suicide’s talents in perfect form, delivering a short, sharp anthem that kicks up the dust and proves it's worth time and time again. Tune in to the new track below, or head on over to our Spotify playlists where you can find it streaming alongside a host of other impressive anthems.

Currently billed as “your favourite band nobody knows about”, Alive Like A Suicide are well on their way to becoming one of Sydney’s most exciting new bands, and their new single is a perfect example of that simple fact.

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