nasmore & RyanMusiq – ‘Mind In a Maze’

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Recently, we published a special profile on the one-and-only nasmore, a talented composer, songwriter, and producer from the creative heart of Canada. With an impress and ever-changing roster of guest musicians, nasmore has become one of the most exciting hybrid-pop artists of his time, and today, he’s proved exactly why, teaming up with RyanMusiq to deliver the brilliant new single, ‘Mind In a Maze’.

A track that arrives with sheer sonic variety and plenty of musical diversity, ‘Mind In a Maze’ is a perfect example of nasmore’s ever-changing sound, shifting in its focus to create a complete aural experience that is versatile, vulnerable, and utterly enrapturing. Enlisting the sensational talents of Spanish-based artist RyanMusiq, who sings and raps as the featured guest, ‘Mind In a Maze’ is arguably the most profoundly personal and deep cut that nasmore has released to date.

A bold odyssey that leads straight into the very centre of the mind’s eye, the new single fearlessly dives into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that build us up and break us down. An undeniable piece, the song embraces the confusion we all experience in life and turns it into a cathartic adventure. Tackling challenging themes like depression and mental health struggles, the hyper-medicated state of humanity, simulation theory, the impact of religion in society, and the pain of losing the grip on our self-identity, ‘Mind In a Maze’ is a powerful single designed to hold the mirror up to our society and reflect on what we see is missing.

Through endearing, acoustic vibes and a bold undeniably addictive beat, ‘Mind In a Maze’ is vividly evocative and brilliantly thought-provoking, offering insightful, yet grounded lyricism from nasmore that surges with hard-earned wisdom brought to life through the intense vocals of RyanMusiq. and the mesmerizing connection he adds to every syllable he sings and spits into the mic. Available on every major music platform since December 31st, 2021, ‘Mind In a Maze’ navigates a plethora of emotions and searches tirelessly for light in the darkest of times.

An impressive all-around artist, nasmore has entertained audiences around the globe with a string of stunning series of versatile new singles released throughout the course of his debut year. From the intensity and fire of ‘Blast Wall’, to the supercharged dose of explicit fun generated by ‘Let’s Get Freaky’, to the original viral hit of ‘Say Goodbye’, nasmore’s music has constantly impressed, and with every release, he establishes his legacy further.

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