Laura Ashley – ‘Wish I Told My Heart’

A gifted singer-songwriter from the bustling, creative heart of Nashville, Tennessee, Laura Ashley is the very embodiment of a contemporary country icon. With a sound that revels in charming, powerful vocals and engaging lyrics, Laura’s music is a stunning blend of modern pop and timeless country, creating an emotive, and wonderfully accessible style that flows with stark human moments, vulnerability and authenticity.

After making her debut last year with the brilliant ‘Fight a Memory’, Laura has become one of the most hotly anticipated talents, earning accolades and critical acclaim from publications like Center Stage Magazine. Now, she’s taking things to a whole new level, building upon her thought-provoking and wonderfully honest sound to deliver her most poignant single to date, the captivating ‘Wish I Told My Heart’.

A song that takes inspiration from Laura’s life, experiences, and relationships, ‘Wish I Told My Heart’ is a textured epic that hits in waves, creating a brave and all too relatable song that exposes the hardships of living in a toxic relationship.

Speaking about the new single on her social media pages, Laura expressed, “Clearly this song is not about my husband…because my husband is the closest thing to perfect, I’ve ever seen. This song is about a past relationship that really made me grow. It was toxic. It was abusive. It pushed me way past my breaking point. Experiencing such a dark time makes my life so much more bright now. I never ever thought I’d be grateful for that darkness. But I am.”

She continued, “I love being able to make art from real-life experiences. It unites us. And can sometimes heal us. Thank you so much for being with me as I share bits and pieces of myself with my voice through music. I’m so ready to create more.”

Born and raised in Rogersville, Missouri, Laura moved to Nashville in 2020 to pursue her dream of making music full-time. After years of vocal training, Laura’s love and passion for music really took flight when she was chosen as the winner in the Dolly Parton #JoleneChallenge, and ever since she has gone from strength to strength.

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