AMRIX – ‘Don’t Be Afraid’

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One of Perth’s most promising electronic and R&B-pop pioneers, AMRIX has just shared his entrancing and highly anticipated debut single, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’. A dynamic piece that blurs the lines between modern synth-wave sounds and a driving pop sound, it’s bold, brilliant, and absolutely unforgettable.

A vibrant collaboration with lyricist Matt Miller and guest vocalist Ruben Castro, who mixed and mastered the self-produced release, AMRIX’s debut single is a layered, fusion of sounds that shine with indomitable soul. Lingering between dark, compassionate tones and heartfelt crescendos that bring to mind subtle indie vibes clad in smoothed synth lines, the single is modern, impactful, and wonderfully accessible, resonating with each listener on a deep emotional level.

Filling the void that AVICII tragically left behind, ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is a perfect showcase of AMRIX’s idyllically, immersive melodies, euphonic momentum, and compassionate song crafting. Speaking about the single, AMRIX explained, “’Don’t Be Afraid’ is inspired by personal experiences and the universal struggle of developing trust in relationships. It explores the vulnerability and strength required to open up to another person fully.”

He continued, “Eight years of production experience was poured into my debut; while I was cutting my teeth as a producer, I was travelling in and out of LA, which enabled me to meet some amazing artists and producers, who ultimately inspired me to write Don’t Be Afraid. I have plenty more singles locked, loaded, and in the pipeline; my next release is due for release in September 2023.”

Using his unique tone and spirited, non-conforming sound, AMRIX has created something truly beautiful with his debut single. With a strong foundation set, the future is definitely bright for the promising pioneer. For more from AMRIX, be sure to follow him on his social media pages below.

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