Arrows - 'Carnaby'

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Having only just recently released 'Fight This Fight', the lead single off his much-anticipated debut EP, Mumbai-based project Arrows follows up in perfect form with the record’s second single, 'Carnaby'.

The brainchild of musician, songwriter and music journalist David Britto, Arrows captures the essence of living in another era, infused with a touch of wistful sentimentality on the new song. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Carnaby Street, a symbol of the swinging '60s, Arrows skillfully weaves a melodic tapestry that transports listeners to a bygone age through heartfelt lyrics and soulful harmonies, the song paints a vivid portrait of a nostalgic world.

This marks the second single off Arrows’ much-awaited five-track debut EP 'Friends Tonight, Strangers Again' and is a collaboration with Mumbai pop-punk band The Lightyears Explode’s frontman Saurabh Roy and horn outfit Bombay Brass. Featuring a hooky guitar and horn section as well as bright drums, gliding basslines, and steely vocals, 'Carnaby' is a captivating rock track.

Sharing more about this release, David Britto said, “‘Carnaby’ is one of the older songs I’ve written and I’m glad that it is finally seeing the light of day. The song itself talks about living in a different, somewhat simpler time. It includes the musical talents of Saurabh Roy and Bombay Brass, artists who are poles apart sonically yet help bring this song to life so brilliantly.”


Along with his music, David also hosts the 'My First Record' podcast which is noted for being candid and a mini master call on music from some of the best artists of our times. A noted musician, he is all set to release his debut EP in September this year.

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