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A rising afro-beats and zouk artist hidden away in Gdansk, Poland, SANTIANO KE has recently shared an impressive stream of vibrant singles to his Soundcloud page, delivering a symphony of musical moments. One of the many new tracks to surface is ‘YOU’, a glistening single that the artist has dedicated to his girlfriend.

Blending genres such as zouk and kizomba with modern afrobeat melodies, SANTIANO KE has been carving out a unique musical experience in Poland, leaning on his life, creativity, and culture to present the truest form of his sound. Within the new batch of singles, he’s shown an impressive amount of style and versatility, capitalising on his penchant for slick rhythms, buoyant beats, and joyous melodies.

Written for his long distance partner, ‘YOU’ is underpinned with a sense of longing, one that is felt between two hearts desperately missing one another. Speaking of the single, SANTIANO KE explained, “I try to make music according to the things [I] am going through at that moment. Or things that inspire me.” He continued, “‘YOU’ is basically a song that was made specifically to my girlfriend when we were miles apart in a long distance relationship. [I] am basically telling her that all will be ok. I wanna see you cheer up.”

Available now on his Soundcloud page, the single is a moving introduction to the artist, showcasing his abilities in perfect form. You can stream the single below, where it’s already starting to gain impressive traction, with over 1,000 streams.

With a passion for music that has followed him throughout his life, SANTIANO KE is currently making some impressive moves within the music scene. An artist to watch, he’s championing a bold sound that is sure to make its mark. For more from SANTIANO KE, be sure to check out his other songs on Soundcloud below.

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