Violet Sands and Deidre & The Dark - 'Desert Rental Home'

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Brooklyn-based genre-bending collective Violet Sands and charismatic singer-songwriter Deidre & The Dark have teamed up for an enthralling new single. Called 'Desert Rental Home', the dreamy song incorporates indie pop with Americana and folk for an intoxicating listen.

'Desert Rental Home' was written in the height of the pandemic and touches on themes such as escapism, isolation, alternate reality and delusion. On the new single, two creative forces dance together on the only song Deidre was able to write during the pandemic lockdown in 2020.

Speaking of the single, Violet Sands explained, “During months of quarantine, this was the one song that managed to come out of me. I was feeling very isolated at home with my one year-old son while David, my husband, kept our business afloat, working out of a makeshift bedroom studio, for most of the hours of most of the days. Delusion starts creeping in when you’re unsure how long this will be reality.”

Intimate moments of acoustic guitar and voice quickly transform into a grandiose fantasy, soaring and sparkling, while a lurching synth bass hints at the uneasy nature of an escapist dream.

A hypothetical getaway helped soothe the mind and spirit, 'Desert Rental Home' touches on this relatable narrative. Musically, the song is a lush and cinematic lullaby complete with hypnotic and smooth vocals over western pop guitars and sparkly keys. A cathartic listen, 'Desert Rental Home' is a gorgeous sonic melting pot. The single marks the first collaboration between these creative forces.

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