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BAD GRAMMAR’s menacing lyricism shined against a backdrop of darkness on his debut single ‘Cryptid Junk’, delivering a wash of distorted 808s that propel through an array of industrial synths. Creating a chaotic atmosphere for the rapper to serve us his food-for-thought, it's a standout anthem that has laid the perfect foundation for his follow-up single, 'Be Gone'.

Produced by Club Angel, ‘Be Gone’ is set to a dark percussive backdrop, infused with industrial dance influences. With quick-fire bars as the driving force from start to finish, BAD GRAMMAR’s rap talents are front and centre and reminiscent of acts such as Zillakami, JID and Denzel Curry.

Incredibly mysterious and highly conceptual, BAD GRAMMAR once again takes you through the lens of a deeply complex and multi-faceted main character, explaining the track as “being wretched and indecent… it was concocted by Club Angel aka Gabriel and we were just going for a track we could put more energy into.”

Availalble now on most major platforms, along with an official visualiser above, the new cut from BAD GRAMMAR is an undeniable track that refuses to be defined, pigeonholed, or go quietly into the night.

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