BAZL continues to search for new sounds with diverse new single ‘Speak Slow’

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An artist whose versatility has long been his greatest creative strength, BAZL is back in the spotlight with a brand new single. Titled ‘Speak Slow’, the new track is a wonderfully original take on modern RnB, seamlessly blending polished sounds with BAZL’s diverse style to create a unique and immersive listening experience.

Released today, ‘Speak Slow’ opens with twisted, brassy synths that ebb and flow, BAZL builds his latest release perfectly, creating a sense of atmosphere and possibility. As the track continues to grow, BAZL’s smooth RnB vocals come into frame, adding depth to the track before it bursts into life with a gorgeous technicolour sound, tempered beats, and modern atmospherics. It’s a stunning evolution that is underpinned perfectly by sharp creative flourishes, with glitching sounds that perfectly cut into the pop aesthetics.

Throughout, BAZL’s creativity and diverse styles shine through, crafting a hybrid sound that is instantly recognisable and wonderfully unique. A true highlight is the way he layers the different vocal tracks, keeping you constantly engaged, while also leaning heavily on a sharp, melodic vibe. Written “about a one-night stand that essentially became a four-night stand,” the new single is captivating in all the best ways.

Speaking openly about the single, BAZL shared, “My newest single ‘Speak Slow’ was written about a one-night stand that turned into a four-night stand. I'm a Brisbane-based artist in Australia, that likes to create R&B, Soul and Pop music, with increments of other genres mixed in. I believe that my music would be great for a lot of playlists because the quality in my output is always strong and unique to myself as an artist. I think that a lot of people will find as I release more that my biggest strength is my versatility as an artist and I'm very excited to share that with the world.”

With each new release, BAZL has been steadily evolving and diversifying his sound, and it’s brilliant to hear. Taking modern RnB in a new direction, ‘Speak Slow’ proves that BAZL is right at the forefront of the genre. Taking lead from artists like The Weeknd, BAZL’s new single is proof that he’s changing the face of RnB in Australia.

For more from BAZL, including news of his upcoming single ’11:42’, that will be released on the 8th of March this year, be sure to check out his links below.

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