Sadcult deliver an emotionally-charged slice of old school grunge in new single ‘Sleep’

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A talented independent band from the South West coast of the UK, Sadcult have become known for their high energy and angst heavy grunge tracks. A band who use music as a means to escape, Sadcult have created a unique sound that centers on a gritty blend of old school grunge riffs and modern alt-rock anthemics.

After making their mark with the release of ‘NightTerrors’ last year, the trio of Sam Newland, Peter Critchell, and Chad White are back with their brand new single ‘Sleep’, a raucous cut that reflects on wanting to focus on your own pursuits without judgment or pressures from the outside world. A searing piece of modern alt-rock that is packed to the brim with ‘90s grunge riffs and a visceral, melodic underpinning.

Evoking a deep sense of nostalgia and carried by heavy lyrics about finding your place in the world, ‘Sleep’ opens with waves of melodic guitar, rolling bass, hushed drums that then explodes into a chorus of scathing rock instrumentals. Rising and falling, the power behind the song is perfectly placed, and Sam’s vocals carry throughout, matching the emotional weight through calling lines like ‘I want to live in the night, don’t wake me up right now’.

Speaking openly about the single, the band explained, “A melodic and emotionally compelling track ’Sleep’ evokes that sense of nostalgia and finding your place in the world with lyrics heavily reflecting on wanting to shut away the reality of daily life and wishing to ‘live in the night’ focusing on one’s own pursuits without judgement from the outside world.”

Taken from the band’s upcoming EP ‘Saturated’, which is due for late 2024, ‘Sleep’ conjures up instant connections with bands like October Drift and False Heads, and it illustrates their talents perfectly. Ushering in a new era for the band, where they are stepping into their own and building an impressive wall of sound, ‘Sleep’ will keep Sadcult on our radar for years to come.

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