Enigmatic artist Telacord lets his music speak for itself in new album ‘Warm’

Monte Lazaro, best known by his musical moniker of Telacord, has spent the last few years creating heartfelt indie releases. An artist who shies away from the spotlight and enjoys creating music purely for the process, Telacord is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be discovered. After making his debut with ‘Getcha Night Lamps and Walk’ in 2020, Telacord has been steadily building towards the release of a full record, a dream that has been fully realised with the release of ‘Warm’.

Named for his wife’s favourite song on the album, ‘Warm’ is a raw and collaborative release that sees Telacord delivering an honest and evolving mix of sounds, from the acoustic guitar lines in opening track ‘Lost Inside’ through to the searing riffs and tempered drums of ‘Warm’. Throughout, Telacord’s vocals are raw and unpolished, delivering passionate rock refrains and more sweet, sombre moments. Backed by searching, poetic lyrics that tackle relationships and life’s mysteries head on, the album is a clear and undeniable look into Telacord’s heart and soul.

With the release of the album, Telacord took a far more collaborative approach than with previous releases, working with six different drummers online. Speaking about the process, Telacord shared, “I recorded the vocals, guitars, and bass. On this record I have worked with six drummers whom I found through this freelancers' website. In my previous works, I usually choose to program and sequence drumbeats and use it for the songs. This time, I want to make it sound more organic and real, so I collaborated with drummers from across the globe.”

He continued, ”Obviously, we have not personally met, we just contacted each other online and they would send me their drum recordings. I mixed all the songs myself, because basically a professional audio mixing engineer cost a fortune. However, the album was mastered by a real mastering engineer.”

Available now on all major streaming platforms, and as a digital download via Telacord’s Bandcamp page, ‘Warm’ is infused with a true DIY ethos that shines within every track.

For more from Telacord, you can find the artist on Instagram and Bandcamp below, although he’s been very honest about his dislike of social media, sharing, “You won't find me on social media, I am not very active in any platform. I recently created an account on Instagram, but I have not posted a single photo ever since I created it. I shy away from these things; I just want to record whenever I have ideas for a song and somehow share it.”

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