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Bucko – ‘23’

  • 2 min read

Hailing from Essex, England, Jamie Buckley might well be one of the brightest new producers on his side of the equator. Cast under the musical moniker of Bucko, Jamie has been carving out his very own legacy over the last few years, releasing a string of impressive electronic albums that have taken Spotify by storm.

A self-taught artist who first started making music in 2015, Bucko has spent the last few years refining and solidifying his sound, creating an engaging and wonderfully organic style that channels his talents and passion into one intoxicating mix. Influenced by his father, who composed music throughout the ‘90s, Bucko has become a fixture of the electronic scene, and with his latest album, he’s about to take things to a whole new level.

An album built from his first two EP’s along with two original pieces, ‘23’ is an album that announces Bucko in perfect form, capturing his unique sound with a clarity that is often lost among independent artists. Delivering twelve tracks in total, and led by the brilliant ‘By the Pool’, a mesmerising single that features the endless talents of Marius Trapp,

Along with ‘By the Pool’, tracks like ‘Just You’, ‘Breathe’, and ‘So Far Away’ continue to impress, shaping the album’s textured soundscape and delivering some true highlights, while ‘Missing You’ and ‘Changes’ help showcase the more emotive and multi-faceted elements of Bucko’s wonderfully innovative style. Check out the full album below on Spotify.

With 2022 just beginning, all eyes are firmly fixed on Bucko to see what he can create next. Tune into the new album today on Spotify, or head on over to our annual Spotify playlist where lead cut ‘By the Pool’ is streaming alongside a host of other impressive tracks.

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