Captivating songwriter and artist T-Tauri creates new worlds with ‘Nueva -Terra’

An artist who has been going from strength to strength with releases like ‘Kenyaver’ and ‘MIZIMU’, T-Tauri has continued to evolve his glistening, immersive sound with his latest three-track EP, ‘Neuva -Terra’. A captivating new piece that artfully blends shifting electronic melodies with cascading synths and stark 90s overtones, ‘Nueva -Terra’ paints a brilliant portrait of an artist at his very best.

Opening with the simply titled ‘Anya’s’, the new EP delivers an unforgettable listening experience, capitalising on a slow, melodic build that blossoms into a dynamic ‘90s groove. Through calculated beats, modulated synths, and spoken word vocals, T-Tauri creates a new world. A progressive story that sees Anya surviving in the year 2045, ‘Nueva -Terra’ is a brilliant blend of style and substance, pushing forward with each track to create a unique and undeniably exciting experience.

As the EP progresses, T-Tauri shows an impressive range of synthwave styles, shifting from the floating synths of the opening track to rolling baselines and elevated sounds in ‘Vanished Ghost’, and finally to the textured, melodic sounds and high powered beats of ‘Follow Us’. A dizzying and kaleidoscopic journey that is well worth taking, you can stream the full EP now on all your favourite streaming platforms.

Marked by artists such as Pink Floyd, Archive, or the international techno scene and passionate about the evolution of synthesizers and grooveboxes, T-Tauri has been exploring, grinding, transforming, and composing since the ‘90s. With a hybrid sound that blends electronic, and acoustic sounds with carefully curated samples, he explores the influences of sound in all its forms through immersive ambiances.

T-Tauri's music is a mixture of influences that draw from different universes. It is both soaring and melodic, with touches of flowing vocals,, round and warm bass, and precise and impactful beats. For more from T-Tauri, be sure to check out his socials below.

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