Indie-pop artist Karen Harding celebrates independence and self-love in ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’

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One of Melbourne’s most beloved indie-pop artists, Karen Harding gives fans a taste of her highlight anticipated debut album with new single ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’. A track that champions independence and self-love in the wake of Valentine’s Day, the new single bucks traditions and delivers an upbeat indie cut that doubles as a refreshing alternative to a world overflowing with romantic duets and heart-shaped confessions.

Layering Karen’s enchanting vocals with sweeping electric guitar and dazzling pop elements that blossom throughout, ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’ is a stand-out single free from love-sick cliches. Lyrically, the track is wonderfully honest and accessible, with Karen’s gorgeous vocals shining through lines like “I know deep down inside, in the quiet of my soul, I'd rather embrace my own path, than let my heart be controlled.”

Through its accessible lyrics and beautiful vocals, it addresses the delicate balance between the heart's desire for a perfect partnership and its unwavering drive to uphold personal ideals and independence. A musical journey that effortlessly combines indie pop inclinations with Karen’s trademark inventiveness, ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’ takes shape through a gorgeous palette of layered vocals, electric guitar riffs, driving rhythms, and pulsating synth textures.

Armed with a distinctive pop sound and unmistakably expressive style, ‘Imaginary Boyfriend’ sees Karen effortlessly exploring new musical and emotional territories, creating the perfect anthem for anyone looking for self-love and independence. With each note and lyric, Karen weaves a tapestry of human experiences and emotions, inviting listeners into a realm of imagination and heartfelt connection

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