Swiss pop-rock trio Sonic Rade deliver an unforgettable fourth album with ‘Acacias’

A band who have been playfully toying with widespread success throughout their 14-year career, Sonic Rade has recently shared their titanic new album, capitalising on a personal and intimate approach to deliver their best work so far. Titled ‘Acacias’ after the industrial district in Geneva where the album was recorded, the new album is an evocative and introspective collection inspired by relationships, states of mind and adventures.

Spanning everything from intimate moments and gorgeous, melancholy tracks to triumphant guitar riffs and mesmerising tones, the new album is a powerful showcase of the band’s evolution. Through lead singles ‘Masquerade’ and ‘Twisted By You’, Sonic Rade deliver a unique blend of classic rock sounds that layer perfectly with sweeping, emotive vocals, honest lyrics, and a distinct dark-pop edge that lingers in every melodic touch. There’s magic in every track, transporting the listener to new heights with deep driving melodies and fetching guitar leads.

Blending lyrical richness with a shifting, immersive sound, Sonic Rade has created an unforgettable musical journey, digging into past experiences to create a record that redefines modern rock. Recorded entirely in Sonic Rade’s rehearsal space and studio, ‘Acacias’ is a brilliant addition to the band’s impressive catalogue, earmarking them for greatness in the coming years. You can stream the new album now on all your favourite platforms.

Formed in Switzerland on the shore of the Rade, Sonic Rade is composed of a Canadian and two Swiss musicians; Ricardo Ryan, Christian Fonjallaz, and Pascal J. Kramer. Together, the trio have been championing a haunting and deeply melodic take on modern rock that will have you entranced. For more from the band, be sure to check out their website and socials below.

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