Chad Nathan – ‘Three Mile Demo Tape’

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Hailing from the quiet town of Summerville, South Carolina, Chad Nathan gained an interest in music at an early age, taking inspiration from his Grandmother’s collection of classic Latin Music. It was an interest that would quickly become an obsession, and even in his early years, Chad would combine the Latin rhythms and flow with his own unique musical style. After his music tastes began to expand, Chad became ensnared by hip-hop, often performing freestyles for his friends and family. As the years passed, Chad’s friends pushed him to go public with his music, and in easily 2017, his first few singles started to grow on YouTube.

Fast-forward a few years and Chad has continued to grow his musical arsenal, taking to Spotify as well as continuing to impress on YouTube. Inspired by his cousin and fellow musician, Insvmniv, he set to work on releasing his debut album. The latest step on his way to that aim, the ‘Three Mile Demo Tape’ is Chad’s most extensive release to date, bringing together five original pieces that serve to showcase his unique skillset. 

Lead by new single ‘G63’, the new demo is a sun-kissed blend of mellow beats and auto-tuned vocals that ebb and flow with a unique and wonderfully intoxicating energy. Complete with some scintillating guest features from local artists Clay Griffin and LW on ‘5am’, ‘Three Mile Freestyle’, and Rick Bozay’, there’s magic within the demo that shows Chad’s potential and promises big things for his debut album.

You can stream the full demo tap below on Spotify, along with the vibrant lead single ‘G63’ on our various Spotify playlists by clicking here.

A sharp illustration of what we can all expect in the coming years, the ‘Three Mile Demo Tape’ is a fine example of modern hip-hop and vibrant RnB combined. You can tune into the ‘Three Mile Demo Tape’ above and be sure to follow Chad on Twitter and Spotify, so you never miss a release.

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