NUMA KUS – ‘Something Special’

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A unique and wonderfully personal music project from the creative world of Elliot Bamful, AKA Jaeger, NUMA KUS is collaborative, vibrant, and irrepressibly expressive. A project that brings together singers and rappers from around the world, NUMA KUS is a vehicle through which Elliot can inspire and create. While he remains the lead songwriter and composer of most works, the project has become a free collaborative space where hired performers, actors, and actress help to bring his engaging and unmistakable art to the world.

When explaining the new project, Elliot spoke candidly, announcing to Facebook that NUMA KUS has its roots steeped in heartbreak, and that “NUMA to me connected with time, and KUS is an abbreviated version of Killing Us Slowly”. In the post, Elliot continued by saying that more would be revealed about the project later, but for now, what’s important is the music, and their debut single, ‘Something Special’.

An exciting new release from the collective, ‘Something Special’ was mixed and mastered by Elliot and his long-term producer, RAION BEATZ, and marks the first in a yearlong campaign that will see audio and video combine to create an impressive and enduring creative vision.

Set for release on December 10th this year, NUMA KUS’s debut release is a sharp and wonderfully captivating blend of scintillating beats, chilled RnB instrumentals, and intoxicating vocals that cut through the calculated sounds. A track that shifts between genres with confidence, dexterity, and perfect form, ‘Something Special’ offers a pure hallucinogenic sound that is deftly spaced with glimmers of raw humanity. 

A brave and ultimately bold release, ‘Something Special’ is hugely effective, delivering a direct yet sumptuously nuanced sound that will surely resonate throughout the next few years. An ensnaring musical triumph, you can listen to ‘Something Special’ via YouTube above, and be sure to pre-save it today on Spotify ahead of its official release.

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