Dixie Ziemba – ‘Broken Glass’

Like many great artists, Dixie Ziemba began her journey writing poems, turning her thoughts, feelings, and experiences into artful prose and emotive passages. Born and raised in the Philippines, but currently residing in Arizona, Dixie has spent most of her life creating magical moments to share with the world, and now, she’s ready to release her debut single, ‘Broken Glass’.

An evocative pop ballad that sees Dixie speaking honestly about painful memories and damaged hearts, ‘Broken Glass’ is a song built on melodic sounds and intimate vibes, creating a platform where she can be open, honest, and brave. Throughout the single, Dixie pours her truth into the process, reflecting on love in the light of a broken heart and rejection. Co-written by fellow artist Andrew Hall, ‘Broken Glass’ is a fearless pop single that deserves to be shared with the world.

Speaking openly about her debut single, Dixie explained, “‘Broken Glass’ is a song about heartbreak, a person who played with my emotions, [and] made me fall in love, but he's a mirage. He's not real. But after all of that. After all the pain, the longing, the hope that one day it will all end. And she would fall in love again. I was heartbroken, and I felt shattered and betrayed and I came to Andrew Hall with [the] words and he helped me make it to a beautiful ballad where he performed the piano as well.”

A song that is engaging, relatable, and wonderfully accessible, ‘Broken Glass’ stands strong as a gorgeous pop ballad, one that speaks to the heart and conveys the message that “painful memories may remain shattered, but the heart can be mended with the glue of resilience and hope."

A talented and evocative artist who is making her mark on the modern pop scene, Dixie plans to release another song with Andrew Hall in the near future. Available now on Apple Music and Amazon, and on most streaming services, ‘Broken Glass’ is an impressive single that will resonate with everyone who has ever dared to love and been burned.

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