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Chymes – ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’

  • 2 min read

Just a few short months after sharing her debut EP with the world, Australian alt-pop icon Chymes is back in the spotlight. An ethereal indie sensation, Chymes has become one of the most anticipated new talents, and her new single ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’, is another strong reason why.

Released only recently, ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’ is another intricate, atmospheric single that sees Chymes putting her strong vocals front and centre, layering their intimate appeal with trip-hop-inspired instrumentation and plenty of hazy vibes.

When she first announced the single, Chymes was quick to explain the meaning behind it, speaking out on social media about the personal nature of the new release. “This one is truly made for headphones,” she explained to her follows, “‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’ is a bit different from the songs I’ve released recently but I wanted to be brave and try something new… for me, this song is very raw, and the story is quite intimate, so please treat her gently.”

Showcasing a new side to her music, ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’ flows with a noticeable darker, intimate sound, one that unlocks new possibilities, but also fits well within her reach. You can stream the new single below alongside the official lyric video.

While it remains to be seen whether Chymes future work will continue to explore this new vibe, ‘Love Me Like You Hate Me’ is easily one of her most enchanting and relatable releases to date. Whatever is set to follow, it’s clear that Chymes is serving up some of the best music of her blossoming career.

Along with the new single, make sure you check our Chyme’s EP, ‘Hell & Divine’, which was released earlier this year to critical acclaim.

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