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Cloe Givelin - 'Skin'

  • 2 min read

A talented singer, songwriter, and producer, Cloe Givelin has recently released her stunning new dream-pop single, ‘Skin’. Perfectly showcasing her strengths as a producer and arranger, the new single is a gorgeous follow-up to the recent ‘Thank You For Leaving Me’, which aired earlier this year.

A multi-talented musical icon in the making, Cloe has been delivering some truly captivating dance-rock anthems over the last few years, cultivating a style and sound that few artists can parallel. With her new single, she’s been able to effortlessly tap into a raw, emotive quality, one that contrasts and heightens the more vibrant nature of the single’s instrumentals. Written during the global pandemic, ‘Skin’ is the first song that Cloe arranged herself, making it an even more impressive milestone for her.

A collaborative piece, ‘Skin’ came together with sessions musicians from across the world, with the bassist from Nashville, the guitarist and the drummer from London, and the strings programmer from Barcelona. Together, they’ve managed to create a lushious, empowering track, one that speaks of past struggles and regrets, and urges you to find a way past them. It's through poetic refrains like “More to come, the rain and the sun,” that Cloe really makes her mark, showing that she’s not only a powerful songwriter, but also a wonderfully open artist as well.

Speaking about the single, Cloe pinpointed the heartfelt nature of it, adding, “Part of life is to accept there will be rain sometimes, and you can't avoid it. You can only try to handle it in the best way possible. I wrote that song during a pandemic. The song's initial name is ‘Don't Look Back’, it is about moving on from your past. But a few days before recording the track, I changed the hook from "Don't look back, there isn't anything left" to "The past has gone, a new life has just begun." It is a change of perspective; it is no longer about the sadness in the past; it is about accepting it and having hope for the future.”

She continued, “The evolution of lyrics and perspective has given me a new way to interpret the song. It is more hopeful and powerful. It's good to revisit your composition from time to time; you realize the practices you looked at things have changed.”

Backed by artful metaphors such as “old skin has peel off”, Cloe’s new single is about embracing new life and letting go of the past, and the more ethereal instrumentals help promote that sentiment perfectly. Arguably Cloe’s more deeply human and affecting release to date, ‘Skin’ is a song that not only deserves to be heard, it simply demands it. You can stream the new single now on all your favourite streaming platforms, and be sure to follow Cloe on her Instagram and Spotify below for more immersive songs.

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