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Evan Saint Kyle - ‘[Birds Chirping in the Background]’

  • 2 min read

A multi-disciplinary artist, singer, songwriter, and storyteller, Evan Saint Kyle embodies diversity and creative freedom in every inch of his music and life. Born with Japanese-Mexican heritage on his father’s side, and French-Lebanese on his mother’s, Evan channels the cultures, folklore, history, and customs of his diverse background into his music.

Along with his cultural roots, Evan’s music is also heavily inspired by his own creative journey, capturing elements of design, literature, cinematography, and more, and stitching them together with a fine musical thread. It’s a songwriting style and process that lends itself to freedom and creativity, curating a sound that is multi-faceted and accessible to anyone. After making his debut with ‘Drunken Lullaby’ in 2021, Evan took some time in delivering his sophomore single, delving into new creative spaces and multi-genre influences to create ‘[Birds Chirping in the Background]’.

A summery pop single, ‘[Birds Chirping in the Background]’ is a romantic re-introduction to Evan’s world, taking elements of multiple scenes and moulding them into his own vibrant piece. Speaking about the single, he added that the new single feels like, “A warm morning during spring, fills your lungs with a sweet mist, feels like floating in a pink bubble, sounds like paradise, tastes peach perfect, smells of Sakura, & looks quite like a French Impressionist canvas; love's in the air and I'm starting to fall, for the one I believe could be THE ONE.”

Available now on Spotify, where the single has already garnered an impressive 46,000 streams since its release, ‘[Birds Chirping in the Background]’ is a modern pop single that transcends boundaries and can be enjoyed all across the world.

When speaking about his musical style, Evan has spoken candidly, saying that the concept within it is “ to have fun with”, and on tracks like ‘[Birds Chirping in the Background]’, it clearly shows. Built on complementing sounds, styles, and ideas, the single is a welcome return from the pop idealist. Currently, Evan is working on his debut album, writing, recording, and collaborating with a talented roster of musicians who are all set on revolutionising the way we enjoy music.

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