Coastal Fire Dept. – ‘Gun’

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Tucked away between the shores of England and France, Coastal Fire Dept. have been taking 2021 by storm, resisting pandemics, lockdowns, and more to deliver their raucous alt-rock sound. After releasing their second album, the acclaimed ‘Connected’, in January, the four-piece band have become something of a local sensation, and now, only a few months into celebrating that raucous record, they’re back with a brand new single.

Titled ‘Gun’, the new cut arrives on a wave of guitar before lashing out and delivering a brilliantly chaotic noise rock anthem that could easily be their best yet. Infused with an undeniable sense of anger and frustration, the new single explodes in each chorus, hitting hard with a volley of animalistic screams. Musically, the song carries on Coast Fire Dept.’s trademark sound, digging into dirty grunge territory while also paying homage to grittier alt-rock sounds.

Impressively, the band have somehow found a way to make the new single sound bigger and better than ever, and whether it’s their own musical nowse or the inclusions of a few clever guest musicians, like Shinfo fromGranite Wolf and Kellii Scott of influential alt-rock legends Failure, something about ‘Gun’ hits harder than ever.

A snarling release that well and truly lives up to its name, ‘Gun’ is everything we’ve come to love about Coastal Fire Dept. and more. Check out the new release below via Spotify.

An absolutely cataclysmic new release from one of our favourite independent bands, ‘Gun’ is big, bold, and brutal, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

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