Fruitz – ‘Be Like This’

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A band that has already been dubbed as one of ‘the most exciting band in Ireland right now’, Fruitz began their assault on modern music in 2017, lashing out with a quirky indie rock sound that was perfectly captured in debut single ‘KNOTZ’. Since then, the trio of James Keegan, Adam Whelehan, Jacqueline Campion have been carving out a unique path, earning praise and critical acclaim with follow-up singles like ‘U & I’ and ‘Girl Around the Corner’. Now, the band are taking things even further, setting themselves up for international success with the release of the anthemic new cut ‘Be Like This’.

The latest massive since from the Dublin band, ‘Be Like This’ is a massive call to arms, setting up a bold and exciting new chapter in the band's career. Having been in the band's live set for their last couple of gigs before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Fruitz felt that ‘Be Like That’ had become a clear fan favourite and it almost picked itself to be released as a single. 

A modern indie classic waiting to be shared with the world, the track was described by the band as “the finest example of our sound”, and it’s hard to argue with them. A single that promises to satisfy fans who have been eagerly awaiting new music from the band, it perfectly builds on the platform set by their previous single ‘Daydream’.

“There's something about this song that just hits a nerve and gives you goosebumps as soon as you hear it," says Jacqueline. “It’s my favourite song we’ve done, I feel like it has all the ingredients to be an indie anthem," added James.

Recorded in Dublin's famous Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Fruitz teamed up with producer Cian Synott and mastering engineer Fergal Davis on this song, delivering a polished, but wonderfully raw sound, while the brilliant Gareth Halliday came onboard to create the soon-to-be iconic artwork.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘Be Like This’ is a perfect illustration of the band’s free-flowing style, as well as the first glimpse of their new EP, ‘The Pits and The Glamour’, which is set to be released later this year.

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