Continental Lovers - 'Paraffin Lips'

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A raucous four-piece band bringing glam punk back to the modern day, Continental Lovers are charging out of Nottingham with their brand new single ‘Paraffin Lips’. A riotous track that hits as an ode to a girl who “who makes you want to do all the things that you know are wrong,” the track is a devastating introduction to the band.

Built on the talents of Joe Maddox, Rokket R Rik, Keri K Sinn, and Ben Webster, Continental Lovers released their new single earlier this month, capitalising on their hook-laden, rock heavy sound, and screaming vocals. Produced by the band and Phil Booth at JT. Soar, with mixing and mastering by Robin Neman and Richard Collins at Snug Recording Studio, the track is a searing piece of punk rock energy that will appeal to any fan of Hanoi Rocks, Cheap Trick, New York Dolls, and The Stooges.

Available now on Continental Lovers’ Bandcamp page, along with all good streaming services, ‘Paraffin Lips’ seamlessly combines a damning proto-punk edge with plenty of glam rock artistry, following the band’s blueprints for creating cataclysmic cuts from a deft, brazen blend of catchy, hook-laden rock ‘n’ roll, soaring vocals, and trashy guitars.

The first of two singles that Continental Lovers will be releasing this Summer, ‘Paraffin Lips’ has already created a massive buzz online, landing spots on a number of playlists, including our own annual Spotify roundup.

Cut from the same cloth as punk icons like The Ramones, Cheap Trick, Joan Jett, Johnny Thunders, and The Undertones, Continental Lovers create tunes made up of “four chords and the truth”, even when the truth is a little made up. A band making music and history their own way, Continental Lovers’ are not to be taken lightly.

You can stream the new single above, and make sure you check out their social media pages below so you can catch some of their gigs across the UK.

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