Cucumber Forest – ‘Stranger’

Founded by Felip Mars in 1987, Cucumber Forest began as a solo project, built on little more than an old four-track trap recorder that was bought from a pawnshop. After recording his first three releases on MC’s from the safety of his bedroom, Felip met up with Thomas Friedt, a fellow scholar at the Academy of Arts. Together, the pair recorded the Cucumber Forest’s debut record on an eight-track recorded, creating ‘One Hundred Homliböis Over Sealevel’ and writing the first chapter of a legacy that would endure to this day.

Two further albums followed in the form of "Schwarzer August" in 1991 and "Dark Rings Round" in 1992, two unique records that saw Felip taking charge in terms of vocals, bass, programming, drums, percussion, and guitar, Thomas on guitar. Now well and truly a collective, the Cucumber Forest were able to go on tour with the addition of guitarist Ruedi Vögeli and drummer Martin Ammann. A new album followed two years later with the release of ‘Basil’, and for a while, Cucumber Forest looked to be at the top of their game.

In 1998, Martin tragically committed suicide, and both Felip and Ruedi decided to lay Cucumber Forest to rest, unable to continue the project without him. In 2017, Felip was dealt another blow with the loss of Ruedi following a short illness, and Cucumber Forest was left well and truly alone.

It took years, but eventually, Felip felt it was time to return to music, and on September 5th 2019, Felip decided to return to his roots, bringing the Cucumber Forest name back and recording music through any means he could find. The result is a triumphant return to form that both Martin and Ruedi would be proud of, the sharp alt-rock inspired single, ‘Stranger’.

A true return to form, ‘Stranger’ is everything that we could have hoped for, capturing the original essence of the band and bringing it kicking and screaming into the modern age. Filled with heavy metal vibes and a dynamic alt-rock edge, it’s a monumental release that simply demands to be heard.

Tune in above via Spotify and be sure to follow Cucumber Forest on their social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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