Matt Boroff – ‘Let It Come Down’

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Few musicians can continue to evolve and expand the boundaries of their craft after more than two decades in the spotlight, but Matt Boroff has always found a way. A perpetual innovator, Matt has never been the type to settle into a comfortable groove and simply rehash the same old ideas. An artist with an uncanny ability to conjure new musical environments that shine with true cinematic scope, Matt has proven himself to be one of the most creative and visionary talents in modern music, and with new single ‘Let It Come Down’, he’s shown that he’s still at the very top of his game.

Taken from his forthcoming album ‘Beautiful Machine’, which is set for release on January 15th 2021, ‘Let It Come Down’ sees Matt moving away from the familiar, guitar-driven aesthetic of his previous release and instead embracing hypnotic bass lines, drum machines, Moog synthesizers, and other electronic sounds that create a fertile backdrop for his expressive baritone and nuanced lyrics.

A song of revolt, ‘Let It Comes Down’ perfectly encapsulates the sound and spirituality of Matt’s forthcoming album, layering slashing rhythms with rows of electronic buzz saws and howling aural assaults that are reminiscent of early industrial artists such as Ministry and NIN. Swapping his trademark guitar sound for electronic textures to paint a compelling portrait of modern life, it’s a song that looks deep into the heart of our current cultural moment.

Matt explained, “[It’s a] revolt against the belief that the pursuit of money justifies any and all transgressions. Revolt against an attitude that sees outright lying as nothing more than a means to an end. It’s also about revolt against one’s own worst self.” A perfect glimpse of what’s to come when ‘Beautiful Machine’ arrives next year, ‘Let It Come Down’ pulls listeners into an immersive aural experience that perfectly reflects the turbulent emotional journey of the last few years while confronting the circumstances that brought us all here.

“This album is intended as a kind of snapshot of the moment we’re living in right now,” Matt explained. “It’s an emotional reaction to where we’ve landed as a culture, both here in Europe and in the U.S., Technology continues to blur the line between fact and fiction. Our everyday lives are moving into a state of hyperreality. We’re increasingly unable to tell the difference between reality and the world being reflected back at us through our technology.”

“I see my role in these songs as that of an emotional weatherman giving a forecast of the current climate,” he continued. “And I just had the feeling that clothing them in guitar-based textures wouldn’t have served to support the ideas they’re exploring. The subject matter directed me to move out of my comfort zone and take a different approach that I felt was more suited to what’s happening today.”

Stream ‘Let It Come Down’ above and be sure to follow Matt on his social media pages below so you don’t miss the release of ‘Beautiful Machine in January 2021.

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