Young Pop Talent Carson Ferris Releases Haunting New Single 'Ghosts'

Fourteen-year-old pop sensation Carson Ferris is back with a fresh track that’s sure to resonate with listeners. Titled 'Ghosts,' the new single explores the emotional journey of moving on from toxic relationships, blending cool vibes with a heavier, thought-provoking message.

Inspired by personal experiences and observations, Carson crafted 'Ghosts' to connect with anyone who has faced unhealthy relationships or situations. “Ghosts is a song about letting go and moving on from situations and people that aren't good for you. In the bridge, the lyrics say that moving on is the only way things can be ok. That's definitely true. All that holding on to things like that will do is cause more resentment. Sometimes that can be really hard to do, but it's a necessary part of life that we can all relate to. And I think forgiveness is an important part of moving on, so I put a lot of emphasis on that in Ghosts. You can't let go until you forgive, even if it seems easier to hold a grudge,” Carson shared.

The track marks Carson’s first collaboration with producer Matthew Parker. Initially envisioned as a dance track akin to something by Dua Lipa, 'Ghosts' evolved into a slower tempo song, maintaining heavy synth and drum elements characteristic of electronic music. This fusion results in a perfect blend of emotional vocals and lyrics with electronic beats and chill vibes. Carson remarked, “There are a lot of strong emotions in this song, and I love the way the production conveys that. It was a huge pleasure working with Matthew Parker on this one!”

'Ghosts' is Carson’s first single in nearly nine months, following the 2023 hit 'Talkin’ to You.' Unlike his previous work, 'Ghosts' leans more into an electronic sound, reminiscent of Kygo or Marshmello remixes. This track showcases Carson’s evolving style and his continued growth as an artist. Notably, Carson recorded all his vocals for 'Ghosts' in his home studio, highlighting his dedication and versatility.

With its evocative lyrics and compelling production, 'Ghosts' is set to make waves, cementing Carson Ferris as a rising star in the pop music scene.

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