Yona Marie - ‘Wade In The Water’

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A talented musician and marketer with a passion for creating new and inspirational content, Yona Marie has been creating songs for well over fifteen years. With an unparalleled passion for singing and songwriting, Yona has explored every genre imaginable, delving into the realms of hip-hop, funk, R&B, house, jazz, and more.

Born and raised in Maryland and parts of Washington DC, Yona first made her mark in music with the release of ‘High’, a seminal single that went viral in 2013, garnering over 100,000 listeners and 20,000 downloads. Now, a decade later, Yona is continuing to release some of the best contemporary soul releases around, including her modern cover of the spiritual classic, ‘Wade In The Water’.

A gorgeous cover that beautifully blends timeless spiritual energy with Yona’s textured blend of hip-hop, R&B, and gospel, ‘Wade In The Water’ is as compelling as it is enchanting. Holding firm to the original power and nature of the song, Yona’s cover boldly dives into the profound metaphor of wading through troubled waters. As Yona explained, the song is all about “reminding listeners that God's plan may lead them through discomfort, but it is precisely within those tumultuous currents that growth and transformation occur.”

The essence of perseverance is not only captured in this rendition, but it also motivates the listener to face their fears and embrace the journey, reflecting the artist's steadfast commitment to her art. The instrumentation reflects turbulent waters, creating a compelling backdrop to Yona's inspiring vocals, resulting in a musical encounter that is both heartwarming and empowering.

Layered impressively to deliver both timeless and undeniably modern styles, Yona’s cover resonates deep within every listener, creating a unique but powerful release that will stand strong for years to come. An amazing release, You can stream Yona’s new release below via YouTube.

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