Danjul – ‘Drama’

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A rising star of the pop world, Danjul has announced himself as one of this year’s biggest and most unique talents with the release of shining ‘story pop’ single, ‘Drama’.

A wonderfully talented artist who has been impressing fans and critics alike, Danjul first came under notice with the release of his debut single in 2017, creating a futuristic RNB style that blended seamlessly with driven pop sounds. With a keen ear for enchanting melodies and addictive soundscapes, Danjul has been searching for his breakthrough moment, and with ‘Drama’ he’s surely found it. With over 250,000 streams on Spotify already, the single has become a global phenomenon, delivering a perfect illustration of Danjul’s ‘story pop’ style.

An honest and wonderfully evocative single, ‘Drama’ sees Danjul cultivating an undeniable sound, one that his layered vocals mix perfectly with free-flowing instrumentals, dream-pop elements, and one of the catchiest choruses of the year so far. Diving into the track, you’re treated to a vibrant musical journey that sees polished electro-pop production and hard-hitting beats collide, laying a perfect foundation for Danjul’s R&B-style vocals that are just dripping in style and sex appeal.

A beautiful lesson in creativity and quality, ‘Drama’ is incredibly melodic and wonderfully raw, allowing it to get stuck in your head, while also being universally relatable, with Danjul acknowledging the drama within past relationships.

While originally released in 2021, ‘Drama’ has seen a resurgence in recent months, creating that perfect breakthrough moment that Danjul has been looking for. Charismatic, original, and universally enjoyable, ‘Drama’ is the sound of a star being born.

For more, make sure you check out Danjul’s website below, and you can catch ‘Drama’ on all your favourite streaming services now.

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