Depression, Baby – ‘Home Again’

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One of North London’s rising indie-pop bands, the five-piece outfit of Depression, Baby were all set to make 2020 their breakthrough year. With a string of successful and critically acclaimed singles behind them, the band had worked hard to carve out a unique retro-pop style, one that was destined to see them break through to the mainstream. While the global pandemic and worldwide isolations might have caused a change in their trajectory, the band have boldly pushed on, releasing a duo of impressive singles that have captured the feelings behind each and every lockdown.

A little while ago we took a moment to enjoy ‘Isolation’, the band’s aptly titled and most recent ‘iso-anthem’ that shone with heartfelt and wonderfully emphatic nature. It was an absolute delight, arriving as a dreamy but driving track, that spoke to the personal struggles we’ve all felt during the social restrictions brought on by the pandemic.

Now, we’re looking back further into the initial wave of COVID-19, diving into the hazy summer dream of ‘Home Again’, a self-reflective cast adrift in a sea of smooth, indie wanderings. Kicking into existence with a muffled audio cut, ‘Home Again’ casts an instant dreamlike aesthetic, one built on subtle indie-infused waves that transport you into a lost space between grey reality and infinite possibility. As the instrumentals fade into view, you’re instantly swept away by a sleek stream of sun-kissed, nostalgic vibes that glisten with charm. Backed by Dan’s smooth, crooning vocals, ‘Home Again’ creates an all-encompassing sound that is charming, subtle, and wonderfully compelling.

With enough flourishes and twists to keep you enraptured, like the shimmering guitar chords and semi-falsetto sounds that drive each chorus forward, it’s nearly impossible not to get carried away by ‘Home Again’. Much like ‘Isolation’, the magic of the track lies within the balance that the band have struck, creating a soft indie façade that hangs over more poignant and reflective lyrics. Midway, Dan asks, ‘what you give to start over again / would you give up your life?’, digging into dark, midnight thoughts while also offering support and promise that things will get better.

Coupled with a ‘no expense spared’ video that sees the band performing the single in isolation across five different locations, ‘Home Again’ cuts a brilliant and unmistakable path, laying the foundation for a stellar double A-side single with sister track ‘Isolation’.

It’s so easy to see why ‘Home Again’ has taken off so triumphantly on Spotify, with over 14,000 streams already. A pure and compelling indie anthem that speaks to both the heart and soul of its audience, ‘Home Again’ shows promise, potential, and so much more, proving that the success is just around the corner for Depression, Baby.

Stream the new single above alongside its official music video, and be sure to follow Depression, Baby on Spotify, Soundcloud, and their social media pages below so you never miss a release.

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