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Raye Robinson - 'Prince Charming'

  • 2 min read

A seminal new single from Los Angeles alt/pop artist Raye Robinson, 'Prince Charming' glistens with punchy production and playful lyricism. Loosely disguised by a lighthearted, sugary soundscape, the track reaffirms self-trust and satisfaction, with the liberating theme inspiring independence and confidence in being alone.

An indie alt/pop artist who has been winning over fans and critics alike, Raye Robinson has made her mark with honest songwriting and relatable themes. The born and bred SoCal artist creates a fresh and intoxicating sound, emitting an innocence and dreaminess that whisks you away to a fantasy land. Having previously performed in bands, her time alone during the pandemic allowed the artist to dive into herself as well as her music and uncovered her love for taking creative control over her sound. Robinson’s upcoming music emits a spunky, fun, laidback and feel good vibe that keeps pulling you back for more.

Her bubbly new single 'Prince Charming' glistens with punchy production and playful lyricism. Loosely disguised by a lighthearted, sugary soundscape, the track reaffirms self-trust and satisfaction, with the liberating theme inspiring independence and confidence in being alone. Showcasing her vivacious personality, the song is some of Robinson’s best work yet, drawing parallels to artists like Taylor Swift.

Coming up with the concept for the song whilst going on a string of first dates, Robinson wrote the track about winding up in scenarios where someone wants more than you’re willing to give.

Robinson opens up about one date, “He seemed to think that he knew me better than I knew myself and he was always trying to change my mind or prove to me that he was different. As if he would be the exception to the rule. The prince riding in on his horse to break down my doors and show off how chivalrous he could be."

'Prince Charming' is the fourth single off of her upcoming EP, 'Crushes & Love Songs', set for release later this year.

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