SAVARRE – ‘Scars’

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A dynamic rock outfit that has well and truly mastered their avant-garde sound, SAVARRE exhibit an uncompromising authenticity in their artfully labelled ‘Spectra Rock’ sound. A textured blend of the most vibrant styles in rock, such as Baroque, Medieval, and alternative, SAVARRE’s sound is arguably one of the most unique and engaging in modern music, and if previous releases like ‘Unbeautiful’ and ‘Art of the Bleed’ hadn’t already convinced you, then ‘Scars’ certainly will.

Led by the uncompromising talents of singer, songwriter, composer, playwright, and novelist Shannon Denise Evans, ‘Scars’ is a unifying new release that centres perfectly on her ethereal vocals and deep, personal overtones. Set against a triumphant wave of rock sounds, ‘Scars’ wastes little time in making itself known, delivering a bold, undeniable sound that is fresh and original, while also wonderfully relatable, paying homage from Fiona Apple, St. Vincent and Evanescence through its shifting textures and brooding anthemic tones.

Speaking openly about the new single and its highly personal nature, Shannon explained, “For me, the experiences that created my scars made me stronger, smarter, and more resilient. I wear my scars proudly now; they are markers on a path that led me back to myself.”

A perfect combination of catchy hooks and dark, expansive melodies, ‘Scars’ manages to hit you in all the right spots, delivering an arrangement that feels balanced, well-conceived, and wonderfully organic. It never oversteps or pushes too hard, letting itself be discovered by the listener, and importantly, letting its magic take hold in a truly passionate and natural way.

Covering a full-spectrum expression, ‘Scars’ grabs your attention and holds it with ease, creating a defiant new single that will charm and impress fans and critics alike. The new track is available now on all music platforms, including Spotify.

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