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Dolls With Balls – ‘Lustful Story’

  • 2 min read

A cinematic indie-pop duo from Tallinn, Estonia, Dolls With Balls first emerged in 2021 as a unique musical experiment, one which looked to blend different styles and sounds with themes of absolute absurdity. Armed with a wonderfully fitting name and a bold, unforgettable sound that hinges sinister electronic flourishes and evocative vocal performances, the band are arguably one of the most exciting new prospects that Northern Europe has to offer.

For their debut single, Dolls With Balls have left nothing out, pushing boundaries and bending modern pop into a bold, cinematic style that cuts you to the core and then slowly stitches you back together. Delivered alongside a powerful vocal performance, gothic strings, and a twisted atmosphere of seduction and dread, ‘Lustful Story’ is as bold and bizarre as it is entertaining.

Speaking about their debut single, the band posted on their social media pages that ‘Lustful Story’ is “a dark and intense story of a woman taking the object of her desire by force,” and in true fashion, that’s exactly what you get. Brash, brilliant, and utterly undeniable, it’s a single that sets the stage perfectly, offering a fiercely original sound that stays with you long after the track has ended.

Available now on Spotify and on all digital platforms, as well as part of our official Spotify playlists, ‘Lustful Story’ is an unforgettable introduction to the Estonian duo. Tune in below via Spotify.

Hitting with a wonderfully original sound that will echo for the next few years, ‘Lustful Story’ is a bold debut, one that earmarks the band as a fresh new sound that is destined to go far. Lend your support today by saving the band’s track on Spotify and follow them on Facebook below for all the latest updates and new releases.

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