nasmore – ‘Dark Vibes In the Can'

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Recently, we published a dedicated feature on the composer, songwriter, and producer known simply as nasmore, celebrating his talents and remaking that he was set to take 2022 by storm. Backed by tracks such as ‘Say Goodbye’ and the sumptuous ‘Let’s Get Freaky’, nasmore hasn’t disappointed so far, and now, to further champion his accomplishments, we’re tuning in to his dark and brooding new playlist, ‘Dark Vibes In the Can’.

A free-flowing artist who incorporates different styles and techniques into his music, nasmore chose to turn his wildest dreams into his daily reality in early 2021, and since then he’s never looked back. After becoming a fixture of the independent scene and working with a talented roster of artists and musicians to create his very own platform, nasmore has set the stage for an unparalleled musical legacy, cultivating a sound that perfectly reflects his exploratory and adventurous spirit.

Throughout a truly ground-breaking year, nasmore released a series of stunning singles that took his songs all the way around the globe, including crucial first steps towards the spotlight through gripping instrumentals like ‘Black Dress’ and ‘NDDP Fire Theme’.  As his reach and ambition grew, nasmore continued to refine his talent incorporating guest stars into his bold collaborative style. The result has been dramatic, delivering an undeniable string of breakthrough singles such as ‘Your Bullet’, ‘Say Goodbye’, and the brilliant ‘Blast Wall’.

Covering a seemingly limitless stream of genres and taking inspiration from every style and era, nasmore’s sound is impossible to contain to a single release, which is why he’s released a seminal new playlist, collating all his best releases into one unique listening space. Cut and spiked with releases from other bands and artists, the new playlist features all of nasmore’s most acclaimed and enjoyable releases, like ‘Mind In a Maze’, ‘Adrenaline Storm’, and the always impressive ‘When Will I Learn’. Check it out today on Spotify.

Surging into his prime with cutting-edge material that is guaranteed to make a significant impact on the mind, body, and soul, nasmore is going wherever his music takes him, and we’re all damn lucky to be going along for the ride. Check out the full playlist above, and make sure you visit his official website and social media pages below for more.

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