Ella Rossi – ‘Linen’

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One of the most anticipated indie pop talents in recent years, the immensely talented Ella Rossi highlights the soft appeal of her gorgeous sound in new single ‘Linen’.

A track that delivers lush, melodic lines in droves, Ella’s sophomore single is an R&B-laced indie pop delight that is effortlessly charming and undeniably enchanting. The track has a sweeping, inescapably catchy appeal, highlighting the delicate nature of Ella’s vocals and the thoughtful instrumentation that works in perfect harmony with them. Wonderfully composed and entirely captivating, it’s a single that hints at Ella as a breakout artist of the near future.

Released in the run-up to the launch of her debut EP, Ella’s beautifully orchestrated sophomore indie single encapsulates desire and uncertainty. Dreamy synths and rich staccato chords mimic an uneasy heartbeat, and the vocal lines wrap the single in calling vulnerability. It’s a single that is caught in the crossfire between affection and anxiety, making ‘Linen’ the pre-emptive heartbreak hit of the summer.

Speaking of the new single, Ella explained, “’Linen’ is about a passionate but complicated relationship and being unable to resist the attraction, despite the potential consequences. The lyric, "wrapped in this linen", represents a sense of comfort and intimacy while alluding to a feeling of entrapment in a dynamic where there is no longer a clear view of how the other person feels.”

Ella continued, “My main goal as an artist is to dissect specific moments in time and translate them into melodies and lyrics which resonate with listeners who can relate to distinct but universally shared experiences. My music is also an outlet, which allows me to escape my own reality and communicate my feelings that I would be otherwise unable to convey. It is a form of therapy to let go of all those past experiences; once I allow listeners to enter the world of my music, they are no longer just mine.”

Written by Gamal and Isabella Shiff, with Gamal producing the track, ‘Linen’ is an indie-pop ballad filled with so much soul and emotion that it will instantly give you chills. The backing track is softly rhythmic wrapped around a dreamy melody that completely compliments her vocals, ensuring that Ella is definitely an artist to watch in the coming years.

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