Denim Dan – ‘This Way, That Way, The Other Way’

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New York City folk-rock originators Denim Dan return with a string of sonically sweet coming-of-age tales that shine with decades of well-earned wisdom. Titled ‘This Way, That Way, The Other Way’, the band’s new album sees them continuing to dive into new musical territories and loosely factual true events.

A band that first made its mark back in 1996, Denim Dan have continued to expand on their nostalgic folk-rock sound, stitching together classic ‘70s sound with newfound retrospect to create their triumphant sixth album. Showcasing their longevity in the music industry, the new album is a worthy follow-up to their previous album, ‘Denim Dan Meets Dylan… A Tribute’, pushing boundaries and indulging in some cleverly place artistic influences.

Back in melodic form once again, Denim Dan strikes out with jazzy nuances that sit neatly within psychedelic hues, stitching together songs from vibrant keys and the college radio rock vocals that makes every lyric stand out. At its core, the album is a clever twelve-track exploration of culture and identity, layering steady grooves that take you right back to the golden age of folk-rock. The new album was recorded at Luna Sound with Lorenzo Crescibene in New Jersey and officially released on April 15th across all major streaming platforms.

Speaking about the record, Denim Dan explained, “’This Way, That Way, The Other Way’ is our sixth studio album. A non-fiction coming-of-age narration of loosely factual true events from my time in New Mexico in the mid-1970s. The title track and first four songs were written in Florence, Italy during the pandemic when I felt inspired to write about my experiences of four decades earlier. The next eight songs - also written about that period - including ‘Let Your Love Fall Down On Me (Too)’ were recorded in 2001 right after 911 in Boulder, Colorado. They were forgotten...but my son, Marcello, found them in an old computer.

Continuing to carve out their own unique path by fusing elements of folk, rock, and soul into a captivating sonic experience, Denim Dan’s sixth album sees them expanding on their signature sound in perfect form. Each track is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide, adding emotive weight to the honeyed soundscapes in a way that only Denim Dan can.

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