Hip-hop luminary Saif kicks off the new year in perfect style with new single ‘Cast Flow’

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Eora/Sydney-based hip-hop artist SAIF is starting 2024 with a bang, delivering his genre-bending and wonderfully contemporary new single, ‘Cash Flow’. A scintillating release that adds a new dimension to Australia’s blossoming hip-hop scene, the new cut sees Saif wasting no time in claiming the new year as his own.

A testament to Saif's commitment to unfiltered creativity, ‘Cash Flow’ is a vibrant, quick-fire release that seamlessly blends together elements of jazz, drill, and melodic hip-hop. Backed perfectly by his South Asian roots, Islamic faith, and Australian culture, the track takes every listener on a journey through Saif’s life and experiences, navigating the multiple cash flows inherent in the creative scene.

Speaking about the new single, Saif shared, "The song is about having multiple cash flows when you're in the creative scene." This insight offers a glimpse into the thematic depth that Cash Flow promises to deliver, addressing the financial intricacies faced by artists pursuing their passion. Clocking in at just over two and a half minutes, ‘Cash Flow’ undeniably packs a real punch, launching itself into a heavy blend of sounds and styles that will leave you calling out for more.

The production of Cash Flow is shaped by the expert touch of producer Utopia, whose beats serve as the backbone of the track. The song was meticulously recorded, mixed, and mastered by BeatswithSheph, adding a layer of sonic precision to the overall production.

Setting the scene for a massive year for Saif, his latest single is a bold illustration of Saif’s style, incorporating his travels and grounded perspective into thought-provoking moments in time. Saif's impact also extends beyond the studio, earning him a spot in Spotify's Beats n’ Bars playlist and consistent endorsement from industry pillars such as CADA (K-Serra & The Dirty Dozen), ABC News, and Diversity Australia Magazine. His live performances, including notable shows at Qudos Bank Arena, Fishers Ghost Festival, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Liverpool Mall, and Parramatta Lanes, have solidified his reputation as a captivating performer. 

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