Faithful Tragedy - ‘Teri Yaado Mai’

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An immersive indie and prog-rock project from the bustling suburbs of Delhi, India, Faithful Tragedy delivers a unique and captivating fusion of poetic lyrics, shifting soundscapes, and psychedelic atmospheres. A solo project that is quite unlike any other, Faithful Tragedy has recently shared his brilliant new single, ‘Teri Yaado Mai’, a fine tapestry of emotions set against a gorgeous contemporary sound.

Delving deep into the human experience, and bravely exploring themes of love, heartbreak, and self-reflection, ‘Teri Yaado Mai’, which translates to ‘I Remember You’, is a stellar introduction to the artist, delivering a perfect snapshot of his evocative sound. Willfully introspective and easily accessible, it’s a well curated release that allows his listeners to connect on the most profound and deeply human level.

Already well known and respected for their unique blend of soul-stirring melodies and emotionally charged lyrics, Faithful Tragedy continues to impress with the new single, expanding their heartfelt sound and creating a truly engaging narrative. While staying true to their signature style, the project effortlessly blends modern production techniques with a raw, organic sound, ensuring that ‘Teri Yaado Mai’ will resonate with a diverse range of audiences, regardless of genre, language, or background.

Speaking more about his sound and inspirations, Faithful Tragedy added, “My Influences are indie rock bands like Jal and prog-rock artists like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, as well as Tool, including some hometown bands like The Local Train, and movies, paintings and my own life, kind of part of it as well as an artist I have absorbed everything I love.”

The solo project of R.o.Y., Faithful Tragedy records all his music in his home studio in Delhi. With each release, Faithful Tragedy continues to evolve, pushing their artistic boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide. The new single is a perfect example of this, with ‘Teri Yaado Mai’ perfectly showcasing their growth and maturity, and establishing them as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

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