Nocone - ‘O Drakos Dixos Prosopo’

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A talented and undeniably unique rapper from Greece, Nocone has emerged from relative obscurity with one of the most inventive and deeply captivating rap albums of the last few years. Steeped in rhythmic beats, stark, inventive passages, and dark biblical imagery from artists like Francisco Goya and Frans Floris, ‘O Drakos Dixos Prosopo’ is an unforgettable musical journey.

Released in May this year, accompanied by a digital book which can be found on Nocone’s Instagram page, ‘O Drakos Dixos Prosopo’ arrives as a textured up from the enigmatic rapper, conjuring up a shifting maelstrom of dark, often melancholic sounds spiked with more aggressive, hip-hop anthemics. Built around central themes of perception, pressure, despair, and ultimate consequences, the twelve-track anthology is unique in both its scale, style, and execution.

Translated to ‘The Faceless Dragon’, Nocone’s debut record is filled with highlights, slipping seamlessly between hits like ‘White Bird’, ‘Aqua’, ‘Black Bird’, and our feature track, ‘Opou Pas’, which is streaming now on our annual Spotify playlist. Speaking about his inspiration and style with the album, Nocone shared, “I really like the rhythm of Drill and also Boom Bap where I got to know rap, my style is quite dark and melancholic but sometimes I use more aggressive sound and lyrics.”

An album that has already made its mark online, with some songs reaching over 3,000 streams, ‘O Drakos Dixos Prosopo’ is possibly one of the most exciting and original independent releases of the year so far.

Available now on all major platforms, ‘O Drakos Dixos Prosopo’ is a brilliant introduction to Nocone, offering a diverse and ensnaring sound that is bolstered perfectly by his dark imagery, sharp, evolving beats, and some spot on production DJ Omonoia. For more from Nocone, be sure to follow his Instagram page below.

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