Fi delivers a tender acoustic rendition of his breakthrough single ‘Stay With Me’

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A half-Cuban, half-South African singer and songwriter, Fi has been involved in music since he first joined a band at sixteen. Since then, FI has been on an incredible journey, recording an album and sharing the stage with some of Cuba’s most famous and well-respected artists. After years away from the spotlight, Fi returned in perfect form with the release of ‘Stay With Me’, a track that he has now turned into a tender acoustic anthem.

The first single from his upcoming new album, ‘Stay With Me’ arrived as a vibrant indie-rock release, blending the story of a passionate, romantic encounter with catchy hooks and shimmering pop aesthetics. For the new version of the single, Fi has taken a step back from the layered, rock sounds, stripping the song to its essentials and textured acoustic sounds to transform it into a gorgeous new experience.

With the release of this new version of ‘Stay With Me’, there is more buzz and excitement surrounding Fi than ever before, and all eyes will be firmly fixed on his upcoming debut album. Titled ‘Songs About Not Asking Much’, the album is set to be something new and totally unique for Fi, but as he explained, it’s set to be ‘some of his best work that was born from the greatest inspiration he has had in his entire life.’

Having retired from the music business early in his career, after it took too much time away from school where he was studying medicine, Fi’s full-length return is eagerly anticipated. The album arrives ten years after this retirement, with Fi travelling back to Cuba for a year where he recorded the entire album.

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