Manchester-based Olivia Booth shares her sultry indie-pop single ‘Satisfied’

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Backed by stunning vocals and a dynamic indie-pop sound, rising talent Olivia Booth has shared her sultry new single ‘Satisfied’. Featuring a brilliant blues edge that masterfully undercuts the vibrant pop melody, Olivia’s new single sees her taking listeners on a personal journey through relationships and self-discovery.

Co-written with Emma Greaney, and recorded at Allo Sound by Jonathan Tringham, ‘Satisfied’ blissfully combines bright indie pop with waves of genre-blending brilliance, layering impressive guitar and tempered drum beats with  Olivia’s warm yet sultry vocals. In the song's opening moments, blues-inspired acoustic guitar holds your focus, before the song builds into an upbeat anthem, complete with full-band rock accompaniment. It’s a vibrant and dynamic build, creating a musical moment that is expressive, enjoyable, and instantly engaging.

In her lyrics, Olivia tackles themes of ‘coming-of-age awakenings’ and realising that your first love might not be the right love. It’s a powerful and relatable experience, leading the song to more honest, introspective moments. In the end, the song leaves you with the message that you should find your own personal fulfilment, encouraging listeners to search for what makes them truly happy.

Speaking about the track, Olivia shared, “‘Satisfied’ is written to show how, as you get older and more experienced in the world, you might outgrow people even if they don’t see it. If you’re not completely satisfied, go and explore to get what you need!”

With her latest single, Olivia takes listeners on an ensnaring journey into raw, personal territory, balancing the vibrant sounds with honest, reflective experiences. For more from Olivia, be sure to check out her socials and website below.

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