Glass Lord – ‘Jimmy Choo’

Armed with smooth vocals, introspective lyrics, and seemingly limitless creativity, Glass Lord arrived on the scene amongst a whirlwind of hype. A unique artist based in the beating heart of Los Angeles, he’s a talent who has been celebrated all across the globe, delivering a fine weave of dance-pop sounds that shine with undeniable potential. While tracks like ‘Cale A Boca’ and ‘Summer Love’ have already put him firmly on the map, it’s his latest single that has really hit the mark.

Growing up in Switzerland and France, Glass Lord’s sound was heavily influenced by the European scene, layering vibrant EDM sounds with stellar pop inspiration. After moving to the US and being exposed to the more rampant hip-hop and RnB scene, Glass Lord evolved his sound, creating a unique hybrid between the two styles. The result is a sound that is quite unlike anyone else, offering depth and textured vocals that seamlessly combine with his introspective lyrics and multi-faceted musical talents.

Titled ‘Jimmy Choo’, Glass Lord’s new single is an impressive collaboration with the one-and-only Mia Mormino, offering a creative illustration of the artists combined talents. Flowing with Latin pop vibes and built to impress, the new single hits with a sense of immediacy, weaving a lavish melody that is filled with energetic, workout vibes and bold alt-pop aesthetics.

Taking to Instagram, Glass Lord was excited to announce the release of the new cut, sending out a shout to his followers, “Just dropped Jimmy choo!! Big shoutout to the ever so talented @miamormino and @karomoralyan for making it all come together.”

Available now on all major platforms, as well as part of our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2021, ‘Jimmy Choo’ sees Glass Lord continuing to impress, and if he can keep this momentum going, there's just no telling what he'll be able to achieve in the coming years.

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