Brodie Dillon – ‘Dope’

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A singer, songwriter, and producer from Dublin, Ireland, Brodie Dillon has always had an unwavering passion for music. After first discover The Beatles as a child, Brodie set about learning guitar and writing his own melodies, creating a cascade of sound that he would eventually blend with his own poetry. Ever since then, Brodie has been on a path to stardom, and now, with the release of his new EP ‘Dope’, he’s taken another giant step.

While he had always played around with releasing music, it wasn’t until Brodie attended the BIMM Institute that he really learned how to forge his own unique style, building on his rustic sounds and childhood poetry to create something that was personal, heartfelt, and completely his own. Armed with a deft blend of folk, rock, pop, and hip-hop, Brodie first made his mark on the independent circuit with the release of ‘This Man Is An Island’, his bold debut single that surface back in 2019.

Since then, Brodie’s continued to release a relatively steady string of singles, but it’s the new EP where he really shines. Delivering five original cuts that are drawn straight from his own life and experience, ‘Dope’ is a bold, cathartic, and all too relatable release that revels in a textured hybrid sound and an undeniably strong emphasis on lyrics and deeper meanings.

Expressive and fiercely authentic, the release is a perfect illustration of Brodie’s talents, one that shines with personal charm and a fine balance of modern flourishes, timeless melodies, and universal appeal. Available now on Spotify and all major platforms, the EP is essential new listening that will have you hooked in an instant, drawing you in and crashing down with the full weight of Brodie’s artistic vision.

A rewarding listen that is filled with enduring DIY spirit, ‘Dope’ builds on Brodie’s previous releases perfectly, showcasing his growth as an artist and performer, while also setting the standard for things to come. Check out the full release above, and make sure you lend Brodie your support by following him on his social media pages below.

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