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Jonah – ‘Purpose’

  • 2 min read

One of Texas’ fastest rising talents, Jonah has spent the last few months teasing us with a constant stream of alt-rap hits, leading from the progressive ‘Abundances’ to the rough-and-ready ‘Bruce Lee’. A multi-faceted rapper and musician, he’s solidified himself as one of the hardest working talents on the scene, but now, it’s time to see whether his unique sound can translate just as well to a full-length album.

Titled ‘Purpose’, Jonah’s new record delivers fourteen of his best releases, collating several of his previous singles and layering them perfectly with a slew of fresh hits. Filled with bold ideas that build upon the golden age of hip-hop, ‘Purpose’ is sharp, progressive, and absolutely undeniable, breaking apart the established rules and creating something it stands firmly on its own feet.

Transitioning between smooth, harmonic sounds, invigorating rhythms and cascading alternative sounds that lay down a perfect platform for Jonah’s natural, free-flowing style. As the songs come quick and fast, Jonah works hard to create a perfect stream of fresh hip-hop sounds, leaning on synths, reverb-soaked vocals, sharp 101 beats, and more to forge his own creative vision.

A brilliant spotlight for all of Jonah’s versatile skills, from the trippy, flowing beats to his clever wordplay and a unique vocal style, ‘Purpose’ is a deft wave of evocative alt-rap sounds that are sure to impress. You can check out the new album below via Spotify, which includes some of Jonah’s greatest hits to date including ‘My Night (Intro)’, ‘The Switch Up’, and the always brilliant ‘Bruce Lee’.

Available now on Spotify, along with selected tracks on our very own annual Spotify playlist for 2021, ‘Purpose’ sees Jonah continuing to impress his fans and critics with ease, delivering a bold, brilliant release that earmarks him as one of this generation’s next great artists.

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