We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

We will be away from the 13th of May until the 6th of June. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.


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An impressive artist and producer who was fittingly named as one of Hot Press' 'Irish Producers Making Waves in 2023', GNS has just shared his wonderfully textured new EP, simply titled 'YOU'.

An EP build from seven ensnaring tracks, 'YOU' arrives as a powerful statement from the young producer, perfectly cementing his status as one to watch. Following a string of impressive singles such as the addictive 'LOVE A LIE' featuring Olivia Emade on backing vocals, the EP is a welcome return, showcasing his versatility and emerging talent perfectly.

Fusing elements of hip-hop, punk, and more modern, off-kilter R&B, the EP is a constantly evolving journey that draws you in at every turn. It's an EP that is nostalgic, heartfelt, and beautifully constructed, delivering an emotive journey that sees GNS coming to terms with romantic relationships and connections with his family, and how they have all affected him.

Speaking openly about the release, GNS added, "'YOU' is my form of self expression, which is one of the main reasons I make music. I won't tell you how to listen to this tape, but headphones, while reading, going for a walk or as most people have said, in the car going for a drive."

"It technically began during my time in college, but I had to collect my degree before I could really put any focus on it. I made 'YOU' in the comfort of my bedroom, with my guitars, midi keyboard, & drum packs, where I was able to be my most vulnerable self about certain things I was going through, and just say what I had been thinking and feeling. This is relationships, family, & the high expectations for myself."

"I always reference 'YOU' or someone else in these songs. It isn't just one person, but it's the people I have lived with, encountered, & people who have impacted me greatly. The relationship between me & my family, past & present romantic relationships, & then myself."

GNS continued, "Love is the underlying theme; happy, sad, unhealthy, healthy, proud, egotistical, optimistic & pessimistic, etc.. Between me & my family, my romantic relationships, & then with myself. I am a christian, and I may not be praising God in any of these songs, but I do hope that is translated, as well as my other character traits. I would love people to learn more about GNS from this tape."

"'YOU' is from a specific time period that I'd love to move on from."

Arguably one of the most enjoyable and remarkable releases of the year so far, 'YOU' is an artful blend of experimental sounds, ambient textures, alternative pop, and rap, and it's utterly flawless. Produced, arranged, and engineered solely by GNS, it's a landmark release from a promising young producer.

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