The Music Therapy Experiment - ‘Akhal Teke (Remix)’

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The Music Therapy Experiment is a musical project begun by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Dr. John Kline, born from an attempt to keep himself “from going nucking futz”. Joined by Mark Christianson, the duo have created their own creative realm, building a unique sound through free, inventive instrumentals, limitless potential, and cosmic creative possibilities.

Starting with the release of their debut record ‘Genus Equus’ back in 2017, The Music Therapy Experiment, have created a unique musical journey, one that is unlike anything we’ve heard before. Recently, the pairing have shared their fifth audibly adventurous album ‘Art and Science’, sharing eleven innovative and imaginative new songs, including the brilliant ‘Akhal Teke (Remix)’.

While the album as a whole aims to dive into the twin worlds of art and science on every conceivable level, ‘Akhal Teke (Remix)’ stands firm as a short, almost impulsive burst of sound, landing as an instantly enjoyable and wonderfully accessible track. The shortest song on the album, it’s a bold ensemble of wild intensity and wonderfully colourful sound, capturing an immediacy and almost addictive energy. A true highlight on the album, it’s a testament to the creative power that John and Mark share.

Available on all major streaming platforms, both ‘Akhal Teke (Remix)’ and the full album capture the ethos of The Music Therapy Experiment, proudly blurring the lines between art and science, sound and space, and old world creativity with advanced technological gear. As ambitious and challenging as it was to create, the album is as compelling as it is entertaining, delivering a listening experience that is thought-provoking and evocative from start to finish.

Together, The Music Therapy Experiment has released a string of impressive albums and singles, and they’re not stopping anytime soon. Following the release of the new album, the band have also recently shared ‘Islands of Kindness’, their latest ensnaring single, putting their sensational musicianship, riotously addictive sound, and radiant originality on full show.

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