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YACS - ’Mum’s Waiting…’

  • 2 min read

A homegrown rapper and beat-maker from Sydney, Australia, YACS is one of those rare new discoveries on our radar. An artist who began publishing music on Spotify last year with his debut single ‘$?’, YACS has been quietly refining his style and setting the stage for his latest releases, ‘Mum’s Waiting…’

Released just yesterday, the single is a poignant and empathetic piece, one that sees the talented Sydney rapper coming out of the shadows. Built around a haunting vocal refrain that sweeps across tempered beats and a classic Australian rap aesthetic, YACS launches into a well-structured verse, delivering searing cuts of realty and striking, ruminative lines. An ode to all the parents out in the world who put their children before themselves, it’s a striking track that rallies around lines like “I mean, my Mum’s waited twenty years, she’s pent up all her fears, She wakes up hoping it’s the end, I wake up hoping for no tears.”

Speaking about the new single, YACS spoke candidly and said, “The meaning of this specific track is to show appreciation to the parents who sit at home worrying about us while we're out, not even given the slightest of thoughts as to how they're feeling. On top of that, dealing with our own problems in life and wondering how we're gonna make it work, for them, and for ourselves.”

The release of ‘Mum’s Waiting…’ sees YACS continuing to develop his sound, carving out his place in Sydney’s evolving hip-hop scene. Following singles like ‘Daylight Robbery’ and ‘8 TRACK’, which have both earned over 4,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Armed with a DIY ethos, YACS has released an impressive new single in ‘Mum’s Waiting…’, continuing to impress fans and critics alike. It also helps reinforce his ideology surrounding music, that talent should speak louder than the commercial aesthetics, as he explained, “My main goal with my music is to show that appearance comes second to talent when it comes to being a rapper/artist. Hence me not showing my face anywhere and letting the music do the talking.”

With plans to release more music, and a goal to create a legacy he can look back on and be satisfied with, the future seems bright for YACS.

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