Hip-hop artist PU announces upcoming album alongside new cut ‘Thought You Should Know’

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A rising star of his local hip-hop scene, PU came to prominence last year with the release of breakthrough singles like ‘Hopeless Nights’ and ‘Lady’. Armed with a raw and authentic style that reflects his intelligent and rhythmically lyrical reflections, PU has become one of the rising stars to watch in 2024.

A compelling talent with a penchant for blending honest, human experiences with scintillating beats and unforgettable tracks, PU has recently shared his brilliant new cut ‘Thought You Should Know’, delivering another top-notch illustration of his distinctive style and thought-provoking lyrics. Backed effortlessly by polished, beats and glistening production that delves into modern RnB and electronic territories, the new single is a hybrid of styles and sounds, stitching together a vibrant range of influences to create a unique listening experience.

Instantly captivating, PU’s latest single has a transformative quality to it, where no matter your situation or headspace, it lightens things with technicolour melodies and a heavy dash of accessible, uplifting, energy. The song itself sees PU putting plans into action, showing the way things will go with his music and life, while gorgeous female vocals sweep into focus and a wrap of golden pop aesthetics takes hold.

Along with the release of the new single, PU has also announced his highly anticipated new album ‘Kung-Pu’, which is set for release on March 8th this year.

PU first embarked on his musical journey under the alias ‘sin’ in the early 2000s, sharing stages with a string of talented mainstream artists. Amidst challenges in his circle, he briefly paused, later returning to balance music with family responsibilities. Renowned and respected as an independent artist, PU stays true to his distinctive style and thought-provoking lyrics, championing change within hip-hop and breaking down the stigma surrounding mental health.

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