TaniA Kyllikki shares her soulful second single ‘I Struck Gold with You’

An artist who has been rightly heralded as one of Britain’s most powerful and impactful singer and songwriters, TaniA Kyllikki has recently shared her gorgeous sophomore single ‘I Struck Gold With You’, delivering a soulful pop sound that eclipses everything else. Released today, the single is a masterclass in enchanting melodies and heartfelt sounds, taking every listener on a journey to discover ‘profound joy and achievement in love’.

The song possesses a rare and exquisite beauty throughout, evoking a profound emotional impact that aligns with the lyrical content of the track. Backed by layers of harmonious vocals and sweeping instrumental passages, ‘I Struck Gold with You’ explores the intimate moments and euphoric feelings rooted in genuine love.

Speaking about the meaning behind the song, TaniA shared, “The story is rooted in a genuine love between two individuals who, although being geographically separated, connected through their shared passion for music. They have persevered through various challenges that life has thrown at them, despite the vast distance between them. Their profound affection for one another serves as a witness to the essence of love - to cherish someone unconditionally, support them unwaveringly, value their unique qualities, and persist in their companionship despite adversities.”

Written by TaniA and produced by her husband Rynellton, also known as Garry D. Hairston, the new single shines through the collaborative work of TaniA and Jamaal Davis, and was expertly mixed and mastered by the highly skilled musician, DJ, and engineer Phil Dust.

Tania has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with his music. Since the pandemic hit in 2020, she has emerged as one of the most powerful female artists in indie music, showcasing a strong vocal range and talent for raw, organic storytelling. With her husband and musical collaborator Rynellton, they have become a strong power couple poised to take over the music scene.

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